Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The First Day of School: A Soft Start

 Today was our first official day of the school year!  Usually we start earlier, but we did school through most of the summer and have been working hard on the house, so I opted for a later start this year.

Really, I wasn't completely ready like I wanted to be.  In fact, I don't know if I've ever felt this unprepared--including my first job, where I started in the middle of the year in a classroom with no heat in a winter so cold we ended up getting out of school due to the temperatures.  But I'm good at winging it, and really, even the public schools don't jump right into all of the hardcore academics on the very first day. (Anyone see the music video the high schoolers made?!)  So, as Elizabeth Foss was saying on Facebook the other day, we're calling it a soft start and going for it.

 After some academics, it was time for swimming lessons.  I was so excited to get this slot since it coordinates well with our other activities for the year.  I've stacked our week differently this year so we could actually get three days at home in a row if we really wanted to!

 Then we had lunch--not at a bar, even though this picture kind of looks like it.  (And how cute is the lunch picture from last year's first day of school?!)
This year could be a pretty crazy one, but I'm glad to get to spend it with these two!

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Brandy Taylor said...

Ah!!!!!! Totally forgot about last years pic!! Love it!