Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vacation: Friday

See that police car in the upper left of the picture? They gave us our wake up call Friday morning.

Someone decided they just had to have a roadside assistance bag, of all things. And the computers in another guy's car. Would it be terribly uncharitable of me to hope they had to use those tools in the 100+ degree heat?

While Jay went to get a new window, I took the kids to the library.

Alice took a music class while Jack scouted new books.

Jack went to his last class. Alice was so upset about missing him that the teacher gave her a fossil like the big kids got.

When we finally made it home around 5:00, we found that other that a few telltale footprints, Bobey had been a good cat while we were gone.

A week's worth of laundry!

Now it's time to tackle a few last things before we start school on August 15!

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