Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation: Wednesday

Wednesday started out with a trip to the zoo. We had to get there early because the heat, as usual, was almost unbearable by lunchtime.

The kids love the water area!


Wednesday evening we went to Bricktown.

Jack was tickling the statue's ear.

We took a boat ride along the canal--something we were going to do last year, but we got rained out. In the middle of all of this heat, it actually rained for the first time in ages Wednesday afternoon and I thought we were going to miss it this time, too.

A rare sighting of me in a picture!

The boat ride takes you all along the canal.

After dinner, Jay told Jack he would buy him a minifigure if he would climb the ladder to the roof of Zio's. Jack jumped right up and Jay only made him climb to the cage.

And of course, Sister had to try it, too!

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