Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vacation: Tuesday

My favorite thing about vacation is turning the air conditioner down as low as it will go. The kids have to snuggle under the blankets and Jay shivers. I love it.

Tuesday morning we met friends at an inflatable play place. The kids were so eager to get in that they put their socks on before we were there.

Alice wouldn't try too many of the things, but she had a good time in the little kid section.

Tuesday evening we went to the Lego store to make on of their free kits. After realizing it was just a white chair and seeing that the line stretched down one arm of the mall with 45 minutes to go until start time, Jay told Jack he would match him up to $10 if he didn't make him stand in the line. Jack hopped on that deal and got 6 minifigures, one of his latest favorite things.

We took Alice to Build A Bear and she chose a heart bear. Jack had a good time showing her how to wash it and she has played with it all week!

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