Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vacation: Starting Out

We did the camp vacation again this year and had a great time! I left with the kids Sunday afternoon.

A few months ago my CD player, radio, and clock all went out (on a day when my phone went dead, which made running errands while needing to get back to pick Jack up kind of hard). I was looking for batteries and noticed a portable CD player for $15, so I got it for Jack. Alice wanted something, too, so I set her up with a tape player. We're old school.

Sunday night we swam, got some dinner, and watched King of the Hill.

Jack started his class on Monday. He had a good time, but Alice was devastated every.single.time. we left him at the museum.

It was a little on the warm side when we went to pick him up.

Hitting the yogurt shop was the best solution!

Monday evening we met friends at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

After the museum, we all went out for dinner and then it was back to the hotel for (horsing around way too long and) bed.

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