Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

How does an exciting gal like myself spend her 32nd birthday, you wonder? I took Jack for his 4 year old check up. Exciting, huh? He is now 41.5 inches and 38.2 pounds and he passed his hearing and vision tests, so we're doing pretty good! He had to get four shots, but he did really well with them and he should be done for a while now.

Waiting for his shots...

...and giving up on looking dramatic when it took a while for the tech to come back.

Afterwards he got to go to McDonald's (where we scored the tiger toy--just the snake and panda to go!) and then he got to get Dippin Dots from the machine outside the grocery store. This was an expensive mess, but he enjoyed it.

For dinner we went out (of course I didn't take any pictures of that!) and then I went for a walk after Jack went to bed and watched a little Ironside with Jay. That's about how birthdays go around here, so maybe tomorrow's post will be a little more interesting!

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday!