Sunday, June 29, 2008

This One's For You

Here is a post just for my friend, Denise, who is tired of seeing the dentist visit at the top of the page. Hope you enjoy it, Denise! : )

We have been to just about every McDonald's in the area trying to get all of the Kung-Fu Panda toys. Jack has become obsessed with these, and all he is only missing the snake, the panda, and the tiger. We are debating whether or not we should take him to see the movie; we're a little concerned he might have a stroke or something.

We've also been doing dinosaur activities from our dinosaur box. This week Jack got some dinosaur stampers and a book about one of his favorites, the triceratops.

Jack has gotten back into knights and dragons this week. This is how he wanted to go to sleep the other night. (Yes, it's often still light out when he goes to bed. I'm a mean mom. Perhaps if he stops getting up as soon as the sun begins to come up we can negotiate. Until then, he's not going to see the moon.)

Jack spent some time on his slip and slide--and has actually gotten a little better at the concept of sliding down it. Of course, not in this picture.

Friday night we had our end of the year banquet for MOMS Club. (See us down there at the end, Denise?) This is the only picture on my camera that I'm in, so enjoy this close-up of my friends Christy and Vilona!

Saturday we went to the Blue Bell factory for their summer shindig. It has a name, but I can't think of it right now. The kids all got some tattoos from the police. And they're barefoot because they're in line for the bouncer, not just because they're poor little Okie kids with neglectful mothers.

Does it get much better than a giant ice cream bouncer? I think we all know the answer to that one.

On Thursday, Jay went to close on the land we bought. We spent the weekend looking at model homes to try to get some ideas of things we like/don't like in a house. This is a door we both like.

Today we had some cakes for an early birthday dinner for me!

So that's all the stuff I have been doing instead of blogging! I have several posts rolling around my head, so hopefully I will get some of them done this week. In the mean time, I hope you liked this one, Denise! ; )


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it very much!! Thank you!!

You really made up for making us all look at that dentist post for so long. ;-)


Rachel said...

Kung Fu Panda ROCKS! Anna was close to having a heart attack. He will love it. I'll ask Stepdad #1 (Bob) if he has any of those left.

The "Airborne" Kilgores said...

I'm on your blog! Cool!

angela said...

Hey we were at the "Taste of Summer" at Blue Bell that Saturday....who in there right mind can pass up an event at an Ice Cream Factory! Hello! Wish I could of seen you there!