Sunday, June 22, 2008

Major Change

About three weeks ago (have I mentioned how behind I am with blogging??), Jay had his promotion ceremony where he became a major. There is probably a more formal name for it, and it could be major with a capital M, but after six years of active duty life I still have not figured these things out. And since we've only got one more year, it's not like I'm really trying to figure these things out anymore, either. At least I'm not still looking around for the other person with the same last name when someone addresses him by rank. It only took me three years to stop doing that.

The reason I am just now posting pictures is below. Jack had our camera and was taking pictures like crazy. He's just about the perfect height for making you look terrible in pictures. Not that I'm Kate Moss or anything, but I am pretty sure I don't look as bad as some of the ones he takes. It's gotta be the angle. Surely. Anyway, he had taken a lovely picture of me and when I tried to delete it I ended up deleting all of the pictures he had taken, so I had to get these from the nurse that works with Jay. I still don't regret deleting them, though. That picture was bad.

I think this is called "pinning," but since he was wearing his blues it was really more like "sliding."

Taking his oath again--for the last time!

Look at these pros!


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