Friday, June 6, 2008

O is for Owl

Yesterday was Jack's last three year old class at the zoo. Starting next month he will be in with the big four and five year olds! Jack learned about owls--that they:
  • fly quietly
  • hunt for mice
  • have soft feathers
  • are awake at night
Working on his owl puppets. He really takes his time coloring now.

The finished products

Sheldon the screech owl

On the way to see some other owls we ran across this little guy--no, not literally, though one kid did try to stomp on him.

Some of the owls in the nocturnal animal barn

We finally found the kangaroos! We had been wondering where they had been moved to ever since we were rowing Katy No-Pocket!

Catfish love tortillas. Who knew? I wish I had gotten a better picture--they were swarming all over the place trying to get a bite.

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Heather said...

Love the zoo class!

Wait till you read Higgins Bend Song and Dance then you'll see what catfish can eat!