Monday, June 9, 2008

Park Party

In the past we have always had a combined family and friends party for Jack's birthday, but this year we decided to separate the two. Saturday we had a party in our hometown for our family and later this week he will have his very first kids party.

The dragon cake

They got lots of play time on the playground.

Jack walking Penny, the guest of honor.

Birthday Boy!

He was very excited about his presents this year. He got several dinosaurs and space guys, which he loves.


grannok43 said...

Happy Belated Birthday,
Jack Henry, you little jackpot!!!
I love your Dragon cake. We are so happy you'll be moving here next year. You'll practically be our neighbor.
GOD Bless,

deleise said...

That cake is awesome, Jen.

Michele said...

What a fun day!! The cake looks fantastic, Jen!