Thursday, June 12, 2008

Party Time (Again)

Today was Jack's first time to have a birthday party with kids. In the past we have had one big party with family and invited a couple of friends to that, but this year we split the party so that people would not have to drive so far. Heather had asked me if I was going to post about the party plans beforehand and my answer was, "If I have time." Which I clearly didn't. So here is a combined post about Jack's party and the planning! : )

Jack wanted a dragon theme, so Jay drew up these invitations.

The invitations ready to go. I had to do them up like scrolls to cover the fact that it was too late to mail them like normal invitations. Some day this birthday is not going to sneak up on me like it always seems to do. Really. I promise.

Jack helped make gift bags for his friends. I wrote out the names and set out the stamps and he did a pretty good job of getting the names right and decorating them.

We started the party off by making shields.

The kids had to go through an obstacle course of different knightly tasks. First they had to ride their horses through ye olde sports cones.

Next came some catapult practice, aka basketball.

The king called on his trusty knights to help him get rid of his beard.

Jumping the moat can be tricky, but a good knight can do it!

A little jousting practice

Feeding the dragon

We made the same cake he had for his family party, but this time the dragon was orange.

Opening presents

So the partying is done, and not a moment too soon! We are all a little partied out, I think, and next week we will hopefully start a more relaxed routine--after I catch up on all the blog posts I need to do!

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