Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I don't know what this weird face is about, but Jack was incredibly excited today. At the beginning of the summer McDonald's had Kung Fu Panda toys in the Happy Meals and Jack was determined to collect all of them. When he had gotten all of them but the snake, they switched to Transformers. He actually cried when we told him the bad news.

Since then he has not forgotten about the snake. At least a couple of times a week he will comment about how he hope he can find one. When we were on vacation he threw some coins in a fountain and told us he wished for a snake.

Today his wish finally came true. We stopped by a consignment sale and he found a bag of assorted toys that had the snake in it. The snake is in his bed tonight. All is right with his world.

I also found dog ears and a dog tail (tied on with Jay's old work belt).

And at my mom's request, here is what my hall frame currently looks like.

Jay is away at a conference this week, so I will be posting daily updates again until he gets back!

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