Friday, September 5, 2008

County Fair

This week we've been rowing Daniel's Duck (more on that later), so we took a trip to the county fair. We are also reading Charlotte's Web, so Jack really enjoyed seeing the pigs.

When he saw all the piglets like this, he laughed because they were "playing on their mama's tummy while she was trying to sleep." When I explained what they were doing, I got a really strange look and a "What?" in return.

Jack thinks maybe we should get a pig, and when I saw these little guys (about a week old) I had to think about it for a minute.

Jack was a little hesitant about holding the rabbit, but in the end he decided he liked it.

Holding the chick

Jack met Cutie the Sheep.

This was just so weird looking I had to post it.

We checked out all of the things people had entered for judging. Jack thought we should be able to try some of the food.

This was Jack's favorite entry.
Last year was the first time we visited the state fair in at least twenty years. We had to park what seemed like miles away, everything was expensive, there were a million people there, and it was loud. Today we parked in the second row, didn't spend any money at all, didn't have to fight any crowds, and it was pretty quiet. And to top it off, Jack said that he liked this fair "much better than that one we went to last year." I love this kid!


Amber said...

I miss the State Fair! Unfortunately, I think I would agree with you if I went again. Expensive and loud. I was much younger and energetic the last time I went.!! LOL!!

Michele said...

What a fun time! I've never been to our state fair. We do go to the local county fairs though.
I used to raise pigs. Unfortunately they don't stay little and cute, they grow alot and eat a ton! lol!