Saturday, September 13, 2008

Daniel's Duck

Over the last week and a half, we completed our very first unit from Five in a Row, Daniel's Duck. This is the story of a boy who carves an unusual looking wooden duck to take to the fair. I chose this story since we would be going to our county fair. After Jack's episode at the museum one day we also tied into the concept of regret in the story--"If Daniel threw his duck in the river he would probably regret it, don't you think? You know, kind of like how you seem to regret that you threw that giant fit and I ended up carrying you out like a screaming, forty pound battering ram? Remember that??" It must stink to have your mom for your teacher.

As usual, Jack wanted to do a lapbook. Can I tell you once more how much I love HomeschoolShare?

The cover

Inside (I have no clue why this is not showing up correctly. I gave up trying after the tenth reload. Sorry.):
Left side: A hotdog book about our trip to the fair, a picture of Jack's playdoh sculptures, and a tbook about the fair Middle: A chart we made and a quotation marks book Right: Tennessee tab book and art shutterbook

Under the middle flap: Where is Tennessee?, Country Cabin Life layer book, Long Winter trifold, and a picture from our trip to the museum

After seeing the Sid the Science Kid episode about charts (and getting the accompanying song stuck in my head), I decided we would try making our own chart. We compared what Daniel saw at the fair with what we saw.

The tbook of what Daniel and his family took to the fair

I wasn't adventurous enough to let Jack try to carve, so we used playdoh. This is his Nana and Papa's dog, Lady, next to a grilled cheese sandwich.

At the museum we found lots of different kinds of moccasins--this was on a nice, calm visit.

We had a couple of go-alongs we read, and of course there was our trip to the county fair. After reading all of the books where people made things to bring to the fair, when I told Jack we were going to the fair in the morning he said, "Now what did I make for the fair again?" Ummm...Maybe we will try that next year!

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Heather said...

Looks like you guys had a great time- well except for the battering ram incident! lol

We love the chapter of Farmer Boy on the county fair...

We have never done this book. Looks like a fun row.

Heather W