Friday, February 8, 2013

Fun Friday: Calm Before the Storm

 Today was a calm day spent mostly at home (except for the laundry/TMNT run to my parents' house tonight).  Alice got Pinkalicious and the Pink Hat Parade in her Valentine Mail this morning and decided to make her own hat.  Tomorrow will be crazy busy--fun, but crazy busy.

Since we didn't do much today, here are a few pictures from our week.

 Tuesday we went to IHOP for their annual Pancake Day fundraiser.  Alice actually shook the hand of one of the Shriners there--she told us it was because he had a hat like Grunkle Stan's.

 Alice copied her name on the sign.

 Wednesday was National Frozen Yogurt Day so we stopped in for a treat--and the kids deserved it, too, since they spent several hours dress shopping with me.

 Thursday Alice took some pictures at PE.  That's Jack in the circle there.  Alice calls the PE teacher Mr. Thora (his name is Thor) because she's watched a lot of Arthur.

 And of course you have to take some pictures of yourself!

Today's post at MetroFamily is all about President's Day resources.

Happy Friday!

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