Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun Friday: For the Birds

 Both kids are learning about birds right now and today we made treats for the birds.

 We covered toilet paper tubes with peanut butter, rolled them in birdseed, put a ribbon through the tube, and hung them in the trees.  Actually, I didn't have any toilet paper tubes and looked at a couple of rolls to see if they were small enough that I could justify unrolling them and leaving the paper next to the toilet when I remembered using up some paper towels last night and I was able to salvage the tube.  That's what I get for trying to declutter and tossing my stash!

 We also made birdseed cupcakes (recipe from Riki's Birdhouse) but those have to chill, so we will put them out tomorrow when we check our other feeders.

And since it's the first of February, the kids started getting Valentine Mail this morning!  This is a fun way to beat the winter blahs and the kids really enjoy it.

Happy Friday!

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