Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We're Still Here

The only special thing we did last Friday was stay home, making it the first time in ages we've stayed home three days in a row.  I forgot to do a Fun Friday post and we've been busy, so I haven't blogged any!  Here are a few random pictures of the past week, starting with the one above.  Thursday morning our power was out for a few hours so we snuggled under blankets to do school work.  Jack was reading his Roman history to Alice.  I like how he has his hand on her neck so she has to stay focused.
 We had a fire in the fireplace one evening and Bobey loved it!

Saturday morning we went to a big used book sale.  I found quite a few good things, but my favorites were the Cobblestone magazines for a quarter a piece--I bought all they had!

 Saturday night the kids stayed at my mom and dad's while Jay and I went to a dinner.  When we came to pick them up Jack was so excited to tell us about the new room they'd found.

 It has two stories!

 Yes.  It is a storage cabinet.  They are all super excited about this.

Alice made a duct tape shirt.  I did make her change when we left to go to a magic show at the library.  The magician made it look like green water was coming out of Jack's elbow and Alice did not like that.  She was very concerned and insisted that I have Jay look at it to make sure Jack wasn't going to turn into anything.

 We spent a while playing Rivers, Roads, and Rails.  It's fun!

 Alice was really wanting a pair of overalls so when we stopped by Target on the way home last night we checked to see if they had any.  There was an 18 month pair and a 4T!  She was so excited to wear them today!

That's about it around here.  I'm trying to get ahead on a few writing assignments so we can start some traveling for the May MetroFamily issue--posts to come soon!


Anonymous said...

Love the overalls! RWBGMA

Jen U. said...

That duct tape shirt is hilarious! Love it!