Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Learning Together: Albert & Feathers for Lunch

 We just finished up another couple of weeks of learning together.  This time Jack used Albert (from Volume 4 of FIAR) and Alice used Feathers for Lunch.  All of the lapbook stuff the kids used was from Homeschool Share (here and here).

 We started off with a bird themed lunch--a sandwich (I think that's a pigeon, but I'm not quite sure), birdseed (trail mix), sour worms, and blueberries.

 We made bird feeders to hang in the trees.

 And we also made birdseed cupcakes from the recipe in Riki's Birdhouse.

 We checked out a DVD from our library about birds that had a great demonstration about what a bird's gizzard does, so we tried it ourselves.  You put some sunflower seeds (out of the shell) in a bag with a bit of water and let them soak.  Then add some aquarium gravel.

 Grind the seeds and the gravel together in the bag.

 You can see how the gravel has started to break down the seeds!

 Alice had a basket full of bird books and games--many pulled from our Summer Adventure Box the year she was born!

 We love Birdhouse for Rent and Birds--we have read these many times over the several years!

 I got Counting Is for the Birds this year after reading about it on Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.

 Alice made this B bird (based on an idea I saw on Pinterest).

 One day we read different descriptive statements and decided if they were talking about cats or birds.

 Jack learned about how different birds have different beaks depending on what they need their beaks to do.  Beaks! is a great book and we used some pages from the Evan Moor Giant Science Resource Book, too.

 We read Birdsongs together, too.

 Jack also learned about our state bird with United Tweets of America.

 Albert checks the weather each day, so we used this book to try some weather forecasting for ourselves.
We made barometers from cans, balloons, rubber bands, and straws.  They actually moved a little which surprised me because our weather was pretty much the same every day while we were doing this!

Right now the kids are each doing their own things, but next week we'll be back together with Mailing May and Trains!


Rachel said...

Are you doing the bird count tomorrow and Friday?

Danielle Huddleston said...

These are awesome ideas! I will have to keep this so I have it the next time we study birds! Have you been out to Keystone Dam? There is an eagles nest out there!

Anonymous said...

Jen, I loved reading this and it gave me a big smile! It reminds me so much of how I homeschooled my little people. I miss those days!! Enjoy!
Shonda in Ca from fiar
(sorry, always need to comment anon because google hates me for some weird reason!)

Jen U. said...

What a great study!