Monday, February 18, 2013

Lord Laundry Falls Behind

I've posted before about how hard it is to take care of so many jobs at once.  I frequently fall behind on things like swiffering and picking up the school room, but I am almost never behind on laundry.  In fact, except for the putting it away part, I like to do laundry.  Chores where you can tell a definite difference when you're done are so much more satisfying to me than things like dusting, which should not make a dramatic difference if you've been keeping up with it.

Rewind two washing machine started leaking.  Because I was caught up on laundry, I forgot to call someone until the end of the week and they were able to come out last Monday.  Unfortunately, they had to order a part, and then our schedule didn't match up with the repairman's schedule until this afternoon, so now we have the biggest pile of laundry I've ever seen.  I should have had the kids sit on it to add some perspective, but trust me when I tell you it's huge.  And there are sheets and towels, too.

The upside of all of this is that last night I reached the bottom of the ironing basket, which hasn't happened in at least a year.  Hopefully the doorbell will be ringing within the hour and the repairman will have the correct part and my ironing basket will be full by bedtime.  You know it's been a long two weeks when that sounds wonderful!

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