Wednesday, December 30, 2009

By the Power of Grayskull

Christmas Eve was spent preparing for Jack's big surprise. Jay has been collecting He-Man toys for Jack for the last five years, but Jack thought you couldn't get them anymore unless you had a lot of money. Yes, we told him that.

When Jack went to bed, Jay started building.

What do you think the castle knows?

When he had it finished, we put it in the school room under a box.

They never made a toy of Cringer, so Jay made one.

Christmas morning was very exciting for Jack!

The whole gang all together. Jack (and Jay) have spent a lot of time with these guys this week!


Jared said...

I gotta call Jason and tell him game night's at Jay's this week. The game shall be He-Man!

Brian said...

Okay now I'm really jealous!! I LOVED He-Mad as a kid!!