Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Praise of One Ply

When we moved out of the city, we moved away from the sewer, too. Even though our neighbors were able to have regular septic systems, our ground did not perk (which maybe should be spelled perc, since I *think* it's short for percolate, but I'm not positive), so we became the lucky owners of a more expensive and more sensitive aerobic system. At least I think that's what it is.

The biggest change this has meant for us in our day to day lives is our toilet paper. One ply only. It took some getting used to, but as of today, we've lived here exactly two months, and I just changed the roll in the upstairs bathroom for the second time. Seriously. Granted, we do have twice the toilets we had in our old house, but one is virtually never used since it's in front of a cover-less window, and the master bathroom isn't used a whole lot, either. I got a pack of 30 rolls at Sam's last month, and at this rate, I may not have to buy any more until next Christmas. I think that's worth an extra ply, don't you?


Brian said...

Ugh.. I remember living in Harrah, OK with a septic system. I'd never had one and didn't know a lot about it.. Well, apparently my surprise of cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen with bleach didn't have the desired effect in the long-term... Let's just say it cost me a septic tech visit and a new carpet. This city boy learned his lesson VERY fast that day LOL

Amber said...

I just choked on my pizza! I love that you blogged about toliet paper. LOL