Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We left Santa his milk and cookies last night.

I was afraid to let Jack hold Alice on the bricks, so here is the proof that she was up to leave Santa his treat, too.

Once the kids were in bed (well, really just Jack, since Alice hung on until almost 11:30), Jay got the rest of the presents out and had some work to do.

This morning, Jack was up around 7:00 and ready to get started.

Things were looking good even in the stocking.

And they just got better under the tree.

Jay got a Snuggie from the kids. I think it makes him look like a wizard, but it should be nice in the freezing cold guy room.

The fun continued at Jay's sister's house. My brother-in-law scored two Zhu Zhu pets for Jack, not even realizing how popular they were.

This is the best shot we have of Alice with her presents on her first Christmas--and it's cropped from another picture! It kind of makes me glad Christmas with my family was delayed so we can take better pictures next time!


Lauri said...

Jay does look like a wizard. I got Alyssa a pink snuggie. She is obsessed with the commercials. That kid is always freezing cold.

Rose said...

Alice has the best smile ever.