Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Visit with Santa

Last week we went to visit Santa. You can see how well it went.

I actually found outfits that looked good together. It's no small feat to find boy clothes that coordinate with baby girl clothes, but I did it! If you've ever been anywhere with us, though, you can guess what happened before we even got to Santa. I did snap one picture of her in the coordinated outfit before I bagged her clothes.

When we had regrouped with clean clothes, Jack ran right up to Santa. He brought a copy of his list to help Santa would remember everything.

At first, it looked like things might go well. It all went downhill pretty quickly, though.

She was so relieved when it was all over! Her first tooth came through today, so I am sure that wasn't helping her feel any better that day. Hopefully next year will be a little better!


Robyn said...

Love the Santa pictures! :)

Rachel said...

Oh, cute little Alice! I love that she always "goes" in the best moments! haha
Jack - your note to Santa is great! You did a wonderful job writing it.