Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Festival of Trees

During the month of December we are trying to do something Christmas-y each day. Yesterday we went to the Festival of Trees. (Today we watched Santa Buddies, which probably isn't blog-worthy.) Jack and I agreed that the Where The Wild Things Are tree was best. I'm not sure why that Wild Thing looks like he got his clothes at The Gap, though.

They had lots of different kinds of trees to see.

Jack spent a while checking out this tree made from children's books.

I was excited to see that they have taken the carpet off the dance floor.

There were also many different gingerbread houses on display.

Jack's favorite gingerbread creation was the Candy Land replica.

Not really Christmas-related, but Jack got a free art supply kit at the museum. Each month you can bring the kit back and get another art supply and a museum card. He got colored pencils, oil pastels, and a sketch pad to start with, and he was so excited he talked about it all day long. This morning it was the first thing he got out to play with, too, and he is already asking if it's time to go back and get the next supply!

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