Friday, December 4, 2009

Cookie Day

A while back, I read Heather's post about some cookie fun they had and tucked the idea away in the back of my mind. About a week ago, I thought of it again and was thinking there should be some kind of Cookie Day so I would have a good excuse to make the game. Then I remembered I had done a Cookie Day post before and it was on December 4! Now that I've been looking around, I can't find it listed as December 4 on the site I originally used, but who cares? Do you really need an excuse for cookies? And in case you do, I found Sugar Cookie Day, Fortune Cookie Day, and a few others, too!

This morning we played cookie bean bag toss. Heather's daughter makes a nicer cookie bean bag than I do, and she's just nine. Oh, well. I used felt and tried a couple of different ways. My stitches aren't so great because I waited until last night to work on them and Alice was asleep on me and I was watching Conan while I sewed. Excuses, excuses. I am planning on making a few more and I am hoping I will improve. Heather's post has a link to a pattern for cookies and a mouse puppet. I didn't make the mouse since I had gotten us a stuffed one at Kohl's a couple of months ago.
When we went to the mall this morning, we each got a cookie. By telling Jack about the cookies before we went inside, I got him to look at hats and clothes for Alice without any complaints. Some may call that bribery. I call it smart parenting.

At Sam's last week, I got a giant bag of chocolate chips. Jack has been asking to open it every day. This afternoon, we finally did!

Jack helped with the measuring and surprised me by being able to answer some (simple) fraction questions. I am hoping that means he will have a little more math sense than I do!

He also enjoyed making pictures with the chocolate chips.

Cookies are baking tonight for tonight's dessert. We hope you enjoy Cookie Day, too!


Michele said...

What great fun, Jen!

MichelleTN said...

Sounds like a fun day!! I also think that is smart parenting!