Sunday, March 16, 2008

Early Easter

When we moved to our first house almost three years ago, we started having a Thanksgiving dinner for the three of us the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Then we added a Christmas brunch a few days before Christmas and Easter dinner the week before Easter.

This year we added Easter breakfast. I tried this recipe for resurrection rolls that Dawn posted a while back. Her pictures are a lot artsier looking than mine. And let me tell you that you should definitely put another cookie sheet under the one you're cooking on. (On the chore list for tomorrow: clean the charred marshmallow out of the oven.) They were easy to make, though, and quite tasty--kind of like a quickie cinnamon roll.

After breakfast I started in on lunch while Jack worked this puzzle. He worked it over and over and when he got it just like he wanted it he decided to glue it down for posterity.

Jack couldn't quite make it until lunch without sneaking a little taste. And no, those definitely aren't Valentine's decorations on the windows. Who would still have those up in March??

The spread

This afternoon we spent several hours outside. I cleared out all of the leaves from around the bushes and pulled a bunch of weeds. I cleaned out the deck box and I even managed to put the new floor down in Jack's playhouse!

We may get some bad weather over the next day or so, so I thought I would make sure I could fit the car in the garage. Apparently my estimation skills are not so hot because I just about had to pull a Duke move to get out of the car when we moved it in. After all that we'd better get some hail!

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