Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Life

The other day we were relaxing in Jack's playhouse (well, he was relaxing but I was kind of scrunched) and we had the following conversation:

Jack: This is the life, Mom.
Me: Yeah?
Jack: Yeah. "The life" means "really good," Mom. I saw it on Scooby Doo.

This was one of those "the life" kind of days where there was nothing we had to do, so we stayed in bed until after 8:00 listening to the rain and then stayed home all day and played. Here are a few pictures of the life.

Playing out in the rain



Happy Mix-a-Land--Eventually the Bionicles showed up to terrorize the Backyardigans, but then the Little People came to the rescue with their pirate ship.

Making shadows--this is a shadow tent.

Camping out in the bathroom with some books.

HiHo Cherry-O!
Tonight we watched the Charlie Brown Easter special (I have never seen anyone laugh as hard at these as Jack does) and then Jack went to sleep--after about an hour of biting his fingernails and switching blankets. Tomorrow is bowling and pizza, so hopefully we will both get some sleep tonight!

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