Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! This day has been a pretty good one for us--exactly three years ago today we found out we would be moving here, and today marks the (unofficial) halfway point in our current adventure. We had a pretty busy day today!

Bright and early this morning--ready for rain!


Lunch and shopping

During lunch I noticed that Jack's hair seemed to be kind of crispy on the side--like he had sprayed hairspray on it or something. I asked him a couple of times what happened to it, but he just shrugged. Later I was trying on something in the dressing room at the store and he said, "I'm sorry, Mama." "Sorry for what??" "There was some water under the flower at the play thing at the mall and I put it on my hair." At this point I just about fell out of the dressing room trying to figure out WHAT he could have found on the floor of the mall play area that he is now telling me he rubbed on his head. Water definitely does not make your hair crispy. I tried to block it from my mind and we went home and he got a shampoo first thing.

For St. Patrick's Day we read Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato, played with some new St. Patrick's stamps, and had baked potatoes for dinner.

Showing off his new swimsuit. He is dying to get in his new pool.

Finally asleep!
I heard, "Riddle me ree!" so many times I had to threaten to ban Squirrel Nutkin from the bedtime story rotation. Tonight and tomorrow we may finally get some of that rain we have been hearing about. We're staying in!

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