Saturday, March 1, 2008

Silence is Golden

I am not listening to anything tonight while I work on the computer--just sweet silence. Last night (2:54 am, to be exact) the smoke alarm started beeping. And kept beeping until about 1:30 this afternoon when the rescue squad rode in to save my sanity and reset the system. So tonight I am enjoying listening to nothing at all!

The bucket didn't keep the beeping out.

Eventually we retreated to the bedroom where at least the beeping was a little softer. Jack did some cluttering while I was trying to declutter. He had so much fun with the laundry baskets. Later he moved them to the living room and used them to play lasers for about an hour.

For lunch he told me he wanted "homemade Taco Bueno." Then he decided he wanted to make his own quesadilla. He did a pretty good job!

This evening we went to a barbecue. Jack had a blast playing with the "big kids."

Everyone says hello!

And that was our day. I was sure Jack would fall asleep on the way home, but of course he didn't. He stayed up all the way and managed to watch two episodes of Berenstain Bears and listen to a book before falling asleep. Now I am off to scrapbook and to bed!

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