Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This & That

My best accomplishment of the day: cutting Jack's toenails! Jack has had crazy toenails since he was a baby, and he has never liked having them cut. Usually I do it at night when he is asleep, but he has taken to wearing socks at night--for months on end. Today I finally told him if he would sit still and let me cut his toenails I would buy him something from the dollar section at Target. That was the best dollar I ever spent. Now he can wear sandals and not look like a feral child.

After that big event, we went to the library and to lunch.
Then it was off to do some grocery shopping, and of course, the park.

This afternoon we made our homemade water table. For a long time I have wanted a sand and water table, but Jay just does not see the need--he thinks I have a thing about tables. Imagine! Actually, the logical part of me agrees with him, but the other 98.4% of me thinks we really need one. The homemade one worked quite well and will even fit into the deck bench. Now I need to find something else to put the extra sheets in, though.

Even emptying it was fun!

While I made a lasagna, Jack entertained himself by cutting out stuff from the Oriental Trading Company catalog. I had to vacuum afterward.

This evening we played outside for a little longer--bubbles, croquet, soccer, and pirates.

Uniqua and Pablo got lost in the weed jungle. Actually, I don't think it is a weed, but that's what Jack wanted to call it.

Jack finally dropped off to sleep about 8:30. He says he is ready for more water tomorrow, so I am sure it will be another outside afternoon!


Michele said...

Love the water table! We are just waiting for warmer weather so we can use ours.

Heather said...

Seriously, where do you live??? I swear it cannot be THAT warm in the mid-west right now. Can it?

For real?

Heather W

Jen said...
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Jen said...

It's 75 today! Come on down!