Thursday, March 6, 2008

L is for Lizard

(Just for you, it's a little Rock Art and the X-Ray Style tonight.)

This morning we went to zoo class; this month was "L is for Lizard." Jack learned that:
  • Lizards are bumpy.
  • Lizards walk on their feet.
  • Lizards eat worms.

He made a cute little lizard that is rainbow colored and has rough spots (sandpaper) and bumpy spots (sequins).

After class we went to lunch. This child LOVES Parmesan cheese!

This afternoon was pretty lazy. Jack spent a lot of time playing with some plastic Easter eggs. We also got out our new set of dry erase markers and he thought those were pretty nifty.

We also put new batteries in his Elmo spinner in preparation for tomorrow!

That's about it for around here!

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