Saturday, April 14, 2012

Artist Study: Monet

Our latest artist study was on Monet. This went a little longer than a month since we had so many interruptions in March!

I showed Alice's waterlilies before, so here are Jack's!

This isn't the best photo, but we had fun doing these bridge paintings.

This idea for showing reflections came from the book below. I think it would have worked even better if we had used construction paper, but we were working with what we already had!

This book is a great resource and has several good activities!

We read both of these during tea times.

This one actually has Monet's words along with his paintings.

I love this series for Alice. Sometimes I can find them at Half Price Books pretty cheap!

I picked this game up at Philbrook one day and we played it a few times. It will come out again as we study different artists.

We're going to finish up the school year with Matisse!

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Shonda said...

I love your art projects! Really cool!