Sunday, April 22, 2012

Date Night

 Friday night was date night.  We went to see Oklahoma Originals, a concert with perhaps the most eclectic group I've ever seen.

 If you look behind us, you can see that we were just about the youngest ones there.  I think we might be getting a disapproving look from behind.  You have to keep an eye on those crazy 35 year olds, you know.
 This man made my 81 year old grandma look pretty young.  The overwhelming majority of the audience was 60 and up.  I think they were there to hear Grady Nichols, who seems to be a really good musician, even if his music sounds like the soundtrack to an episode of Hunter.

We were there to hear Jenny Labow (I can't figure out how to separate these two pictures with the new Blogger interface), who we used to go see a lot on college.  Most of the old people hung on through her set, but only a few made it through RadioRadio.

Though the gray streak in my hair was making me feel pretty old when we started the evening, I felt like a college kid by the time we spent the evening with senior citizens listening to college music.  I think that's how we need to spend all our date nights from now on!


Amber said...

Date nights are great! You two are so cute. :-)

The Unsell Family said...

Love those pictures of you two and love your hair, Jennifer! So pretty!