Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun Friday: Woolly Weekend

 Today we went to Shepherd's Cross for their Woolly Weekend!

We got to watch them shear a sheep.

 There is a LOT of wool on them!

 As hot as it has been, this sheep has to be feeling much better now!

 Upstairs there are examples of different shawls they have made from the sheep over the last few years.

We got to see them using the spinning wheel.

We also saw a demonstration of how to use a loom.  I told Jack he should be glad I didn't have to make his clothes like that because he'd be wearing leaves.

 Carding wool

The finished product!

 Warm as Wool is a FIAR book we haven't rowed yet, so we read it this morning before we left.

 We also spent time outside, where Jack found this nest of goose eggs!

 A cat watched us on the garden tour!

 I think the kids would love it if we planted something like this!

 The tour guide said that these were like the bitter herbs used at Passover--I'm not sure what they were called because I was trying to keep Alice from taste testing everything!

 Checking out animals at the petting zoo

 The whole crew!

 After all of that, we spent some time at the playground.

 Jack was so excited to be back at his favorite merry-go-round!

 Speaking of good books, I read Moon Over Manifest this week and it is one of the best books I've read in ages.  You've got to read it!

Happy Friday!


Rachel said...

Thanks for the super fun day today friend!

Kendra said...

Jen, check out Roots Boots Buckets & Shoots. You'll find a super easy way to make a garden like that ;)