Saturday, April 28, 2012

Track Meet!

 Today Jack ran in his first track meet!

 In the 50 meter dash he placed fifth out of nine.

 Since I have zero experience with track meets, I was not aware that a huge portion of your time is spent waiting.  We decided next year we would bring snacks and entertainment since the camera was the only thing we had with us to amuse ourselves.

 Partway through the events they let all the little kids come out and run.  The people behind me were dying laughing at Alice's starting stance and were sure she was just going to roll over when they blew the whistle.  I thought they might be right.

 She took off running, though!  They gave them some candy and a towel and Alice thought she was a big kid.

 In the 100 meter dash, he placed third (out of three).  Some of these kids were pretty hard core.  We asked Jack if he wanted some tighter clothes next time and then we all laughed.

 Jack with his PE teacher, Mr. Thor.

Since he's never done any kind of competitive sports, I wasn't sure what he would think of the whole experience.  He seemed to enjoy it, though, and he says he wants to do it again next year.  I think his reasons are a little different from most of the other kids' reasons, though.  When we were talking this evening, he asked if I knew what color the 4th and 6th place ribbons were.  It turns out that he would like one of every color so he can have a complete set.  Some things never change!

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Amber said...

Way to go, Jack!