Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun Friday: Pizza Party

Way back when we had our Mar-Gra's night, Jack said he wanted to have a restaurant again when we rowed Little Nino's Pizzeria. Tonight was the night!

The kids made the dough!

We used this book for our dough and sauce recipes.

The sign is hard to read (those purple things are snakes), but Jack named his restaurant Pythor's Pizzeria. There is a bit of an ongoing Ninjago obsession here.

He listed the available toppings.

He found a picture of Pythor, a chef's hat, and a pizza to make his custom logo.

After taking the orders and serving the pizza, it was time to eat!

There was even time left over to play!

Go here to watch the Little Nino's Pizzeria episode of Reading Rainbow.

Today's post at Metro Family is all about fun with food!

Happy Friday!

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