Wednesday, April 11, 2012


While Jack watched a Ninjago marathon today, I had a reading marathon. In 4 hours and 29 minutes, I had finished one of the best books I've read in ages. If you've read my blog very often, you already know that I'm a big fan of Kelle Hampton. As I was googling for something the other night, I came across some blog posts by people who found her annoying, usually because of the way she does stuff up big. You know what? I like stuff done up big. I don't necessarily do it, but I like it, and I think it's better to sit back and enjoy it when someone else does rather than blog about how you can't do that because you don't have time and it's terrible that someone else does. Seriously, people.

This is why I like her:

I felt far more put together than usual--almost arrogantly so--because I was so proud of the way I pulled a suitcase, pushed a stroller, jiggled a baby, and balanced a camera, a laptop, a cell phone, and three boarding passes all at once that I actually had to consciously tell myself to wipe the "Hey, look at me, I'm doing it!" expression off my face. Actually, it took seeing a mom wearing spiked heels and leather pants, pushing a twin stroller and holding a toddler's hand that did it for me. Because I may have made it across the country along with two kids but I sure as hell didn't look that good doing it. I wore my ugly shoes for comfort and my scarf was wet from rinsing it in the airport sink after the fringe dragged in the toilet. But hey, I did it. (from Bloom)

She's all about trying to do your best, and when you realize someone else is doing it better, which is pretty much always going to happen, you just keep on doing it and enjoying it. You should definitely read it.

Speaking of good books, my latest post is up at the Homeschool Share blog--a review on 26 Fairmount Avenue, a big favorite around here!

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Rachel said...

O.k. friend... I have wanted to buy this book ever since I knew she was writing one. I guess I'll head on over to amazon and get that thing ordered, along with 7 (another book that has been on my list for awhile). I can't wait to read it.