Monday, April 16, 2012


Back in February (yes, I'm really behind!), we used the Chocolate Unit Study at Homeschool Share.

A few of our notebook pages...

We read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and watched both versions. Jack knows pretty much every song from the newer one now!

We also read the sequel, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Jack seemed to like it, but I found it excruciating.

Another book we read was The Chocolate Touch.

I had several activities to go with this book from The Mailbox. Jack made a candy bar book report!

In addition to our other snacking, we tried the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit. (I think I found it somewhere besides Amazon for less, but I can't remember where!)

It came with cacao beans to try!

This kind of looks like the chocolate put him in a trance! It was just okay tasting, but it was a fun activity.

I *think* I'm finally caught up on sharing all the things we've been doing lately. Hopefully I can keep up for the last few weeks of school!

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laurahowden said...

How did you do the candy bar book report? I really want my students to do one but can't find any examples online. Thanks for your ideas!