Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Nino's Pizzeria & Pizza Party DNG

Last week we spent some time with Little Nino's Pizzeria.
(Seriously? Blogger hasn't twisted my pictures in a long time and tonight it's making up for it. Sorry.)

Because Little Nino's is a shorter book and we were going to be doing so much of it orally, I decided to add in some things from the Pizza Party Download N Go.

Some of our notebook pages.

I have found that it works best for us to print off the components and treat it like we would a regular lapbook/notebook.

I had originally planned to row Little Nino's when Jack was much younger, but it kept getting pushed back. I had gotten this Pizza Math game as a go-along, and even though the math part is way too easy, Jack still thinks it's fun to play to see who can make a certain kind of pizza first.

In addition to our family pizza party, we had dessert pizza one evening. I used this recipe, but I used my own sugar cookie dough.

I made this felt pizza for Jack years ago (the idea was from ToddlerToddler) and it is still a huge hit with Alice.

We used this book for learning about different places in Italy.

It's been a couple of years since we did Papa Piccolo, so we got it back out to learn about Venice.

Alice enjoyed both of these books!

I'm pretty sure we've never found a Monica Wellington book we didn't like!

It seems we've been hungry lately--I'll have pictures from our chocolate unit up soon!

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