Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Friday: Abraham Lincoln

This week's president was Abraham Lincoln, so we tried making log cabins today--they're still in progress.

Earlier in the week we made these Abe Lincoln heads from the Evan-Moor President's Day Theme Pockets. (Jack said his was supposed to look serious!)

Just under the heads you can see our line of presidents. I couldn't find a poster I liked, so we're putting up flash cards instead. I had been putting them up as we went, but Jack requested that I put them all up now.

Another activity from the Evan-Moor pack.

We read Abe Lincoln Goes to Washington today, too. This is a great book because the story is simple enough for younger kids to follow but the illustrations contain a lot of information and would be great for older kids--I actually had this from when I was teaching fifth graders. Russell Freedman's Lincoln: A Photobiography (a Newbery winner) is amazing. It's way too much for Jack to read now, but the pictures were great to look through.

We haven't read it yet, but the latest Magic Tree House book is about Abraham Lincoln. Another time travel book that we did read was Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln by Patricia Polacco.

In other news, preparations for this summer's adventure boxes has begun!

This week's post at Metro Family is all about blogs. Check it out!

Happy Friday!


Phyllis said...

I love it that he wanted them all up at once! Very thorough study of Lincoln! The summer boxes sound very interesting.

Rachel said...

I want to know what your adventure boxes are going to be this summer. Not that I'll do that with mine but it sure does sound fun! I'm o.k. with not being an overachiever like someone I know.... *wink*