Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cooking, Crafts, & Cats

For some unknown reason I have been in a cooking mood lately. Why can't this strike me at a time when I actually need to cook?? This morning we had Overnight French Toast. I think I should have used a bigger dish.

The weather was gray and humid all day so we just goofed around the house. Jack beat me in all three games of Go Fish and in two of three games of Candy Land.

We are visiting the retirement home Friday morning so we worked on some crafts. I couldn't believe that Jack agreed to get paint all over his hands.

He thought it was great!

I think he is supposed to be a zombie.

Bobe lounged pretty much the whole day. I finally found him under the quilt on the futon.

Tomorrow we have crazy errands to run and lots to do, so hopefully we are fully rested after our day at home!

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