Sunday, April 6, 2008

Party Day

This afternoon was busy--Jack had two birthday parties to attend. The first one was at McDonald's, which was pretty exciting to him. A few weeks ago we had stopped in at McDonald's to play and have lunch and he noticed a birthday party going on, which he hadn't seen before. Of course, since then he has been asking if he could go to a party there, too. Unfortunately it's kind of hard to take good pictures when they're climbing above your head in a mesh cage, so here's one of my few good ones.
After that party, we went to another one at the home of some friends. Jack thinks this is the best house since they have cool outside stuff and a bed you can climb on.

This is the first time in his life he has gone down a tube slide!

Party hats are always cool.

More cake and ice cream!

Looking tired on the way home. I emphasized "looking" because it took him about 45 minutes to go to sleep tonight.
Tomorrow is Bobey's birthday and then we should have a lull in the celebrations!

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