Friday, April 11, 2008

Play Time

Today was a day for playing--at least for Jack. The only the we HAD to do today was make a quick run to the store. When we got back, I got to work on cleaning out some stuff from the garage. While I was doing that...

Jack told me he liked to relax and look at the clouds. He didn't want to get on the grass because it was sprayed yesterday, so he just plopped down in the driveway.

He also had some great adventures with his Backyardigans toys. He can always entertain himself with them!

We spent a lot of time in the igloo tent this afternoon. Most of the time two wind-up dinosaurs were trying to attack two other wind-up dinosaurs, and for a while the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got in on the action, too.

You might think this is a normal vacuum, but it's actually a metal detector! No word on any successes.

Magnets took up a good half hour while I was making dinner and dessert.

Bobe must have heard about that "relaxing" thing from Jack.


Sleep tight!


Heather said...

No fair on that shortcake Jen!

I meant to make some yesterday. Bummer now I don't know if I'll have the energy when I return today.

Heather W

Edwena said...

We had strawberry shortcake yesterday too. Yummy. I just wanted to say that I love the pictures that you put up of you ds going to sleep. It's so sweet. I love him looking at the clouds too. Talk to you later.