Thursday, April 3, 2008

M is for Meerkat

Today was zoo class, and the topic was meerkats. Jack had a good time and even sat on the carpet by himself.
He learned that: * Meerkats dig tunnels.
* They have lots of rooms in their houses.
* Meerkats like to eat bugs.

The kids crawled through a tunnel like meerkats.

Working on his craft.

His finished meerkat head.

They had these cups that were supposed to be tunnels for the meerkats. I don't think it was ever used for that.

Who's in my tunnel??

The meerkats at the zoo. At the beginning of the class, the teacher asked the kids if they knew where meerkats lived. Jack raised his hand and answered, "Here!"

After class we went around the zoo for a while. This was Jack's first time to ride the train there.



We went to Hoppers for lunch and Jack was delighted to get his smiley face pancakes and pour all the syrups--so delighted that an older couple came by and said he should be in a commercial.

This afternoon Jack decided to make a bone like the one on the cover of Dog's Colorful Day. He also painted one for the librarian. This is the book that the librarian reserved for him and he LOVES it. He has the whole thing memorized almost word for word and we just picked it up yesterday. I am thinking we may have to get our own copy of this one!
Somehow we were able to miss the rain today, so we are hoping things will be dry enough for us to enjoy the Medieval Fair tomorrow!

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