Monday, April 21, 2008

Three Years Ago Today

Three years ago today I was busy house hunting. This might seem like a fun task for some, but for me it was a little nerve racking. This was our first time to buy a house and Jay was staying in Nebraska while I came here with my parents and Jack. What was going through my mind were the words Jay spoke to me when we moved into our first apartment, which I had picked on my own: "How long is the lease???"

We went through one day of looking and then I emailed all of the pictures back to Jay. He didn't really like any of them. So we came back another day and found two that I liked, the Monkey House and the Weird House. We ended up with the Monkey House, because as the realtor pointed out, do you really want to buy the one you're calling weird?

So here is what the Monkey House looked like back then...

Jack's bathroom--which now has a different monkey curtain.

The entry--How did we get in past that tree?

The living room and kitchen

The kitchen--Do you think they used those cabinets with the plants in front of them??

Our bathroom. I think Jack is wondering what all that stuff is. It's called "decorating," son.

Overall I guess I didn't do too bad. Jay failed to convey to me that he wanted white woodwork, though, so the entire house got an overhaul a few months after we moved in. And Jay thinks it is the perfect size for a bachelor, but I don't think it's too bad. In fact, we will probably be moving in the next year or so, so if you like what you see it could be yours! And it's the perfect size for a family of 3 to 4. Unless one of the family members has an insane video game collection. Or one of them likes all things scrapbooky. Or schooly. Or shoesy. Maybe Jay should come house hunting with me next time.

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