Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm not too good at resizing pictures and posting from my mom's laptop, so here's the whole weekend in one post!

Friday afternoon we left for Grandma and Grandpa's. Jack got to go pick Hope up from school, which he always enjoys. Then Hope and Piers came out to spend the night.

Playing cards in the tent

Super Jack and Super Hope

Jack actually slept in his sleeping bag for a few hours this time. When he woke up, he even came to find me instead of calling for me. It freaked me out to roll over and see him standing next to the bed!


My brother in law had this idea about how to get this limb down from the tree in the front yard. So of course we all pulled up chairs and got the camera out. Hope was watching him do this when Jack came up to tell her something. She said, "Jack, my dad might get killed." And then she ran off to see what was going on in the back yard.

Grandpa got quite the arm workout from all the swinging he had to do.
Jack had a great time and I even got 8 scrapbook pages done! Combine that with no cooking or cleaning and you have a super weekend!

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Brandy said...

OH MY GOSH!! That comment by Hope is to DIE FOR!!!! I have been laughing for hours (not for the fact the Eric could have died, but that Hope is hysterical)! HA!!