Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Bird Stuff

We put up some bird feeders at our house about a week ago but we haven't had too much luck with them. We have had one hummingbird at our feeder in the back and it was so windy that the feeder in the front blew out of the tree and into the neighbor's yard!

When we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house, though, our luck changed. In the tree next to the garage we found a robin's nest! My mom said that they had seen the mama before but they just found the nest this weekend.
All weekend I tried to get a picture of the mama bird on the nest, but she was pretty quick. I got her in the neighbor's tree...
and in the yard...

and finally right next to the nest!

These books and things finally came in the mail, too! The blue box is a tape of common bird songs I got from the Dover clearance sale for $1.00! I have had my eye on the purple book since I saw it in Barnes and Noble last fall, so I finally ordered it along with the really cool bird songs book that several people had recommended.

The bird songs book is really neat. It has pictures of the birds and tells a little about them, and if you press the number listed by the bird you can hear its song.

This morning when we left the house we found this shell on our front porch. We were pretty excited! We can't tell where it came from and we aren't sure what kind it is. Pretty scientific, huh? I couldn't get a very good close up shot if it.

This afternoon we read Jack's Garden, after which Jack wanted to go start a garden. Right. then. Gotta love that three year old enthusiasm.

He loved this page the most because he recognized the robin's eggs right away.

If you read the post below, you can see what may be part of the problem with our feeders. Hopefully we will have the kinks worked out soon and see some real birds in our own backyard!

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Heather said...

Jenn you are SO good at taking lots of everyday photos! Love that and I need to really do that more. I love reading your blog! ;)