Monday, April 7, 2008

The Rest of Our Day

The rest of our day went along quite nicely with Bobey's birthday--some of it planned, and some of it by chance. When we went to our regular storytime this morning, the theme was pets. Jack got a cat name tag since it was Bobe's birthday, even though he really liked the dog one.

This afternoon we played this pet shop money game that I read about last night on Heather's blog. Jack has no clue yet about what different types of money mean, so I color coded the coins and he matched them.

Paying for his new bird. He got a kick out of pretending to take the animal home (into the kitchen) and giving it food. Maybe he will grow up to be a doctornarian after all.

Picking out a new cat for us. He loves to play store.

This afternoon's movie was Pet Show, by Ezra Jack Keats. This was a new one for Jack, but it included some of our old favorite characters like Peter and Willie, so he liked it. Thanks to my super-duper video editing skills he also got to watch Dinosaurumpus, another favorite around here.

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