Thursday, April 10, 2008

Music, Mac, and Cheese

(Yes, I know "Mac & Cheese" is one item, but it is getting really hard for me to come up with a title I haven't used 9 times before. Sorry.)

This morning Grandma and Great-Gran took Jack to a special musical storytime while I was at my meeting. It took them almost an hour to make the normally 15 minute drive because of all the high water.
Jack got to be one of the first conductors. He must have really been listening because tonight in the car he would raise his hand high and sing really loud and then lower it and sing softly.

Checking the cello out close up.

Grandma and Jack working on their cello color sheets.

Jack had mac and cheese for lunch and dinner today--although now that I take a closer look, it looks like he's eating ice cream in this picture. He would probably eat mac and cheese three times a day if I would make it.

We met my cousin Julie and her boyfriend, Josh, for dinner tonight. Jack took this picture of them with Great-Gran.

Grandma and Great-Gran will be leaving tomorrow and we will have to get back to our regular chores. Boo Hoo!!!

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